Saturday, 21 January 2012

I have decided to start using my blog more and update with art, photos and other stuff. Good news, I finally got a decent camera so no more blurry disgusting pictures.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Revoltech Alice

Hello there i have just recieved my third queens blade revoltech Alice!! I will upload these pictures of her when i first opened the box, i might do a review of her in a later post. Now then on to the pictures~

The box that came straight from Japan
I slowly opened it to reveal the box...

This was the first pose i put her in, she is really cute in person ^^
close up
I really love her donut face, its adorable
Her stand Says Queens Gate not Queens Blade
Dat face :0
Now for some Queens Blade style action shots!!

A pose based on the lovely megahouse version of her
I had to use a figma stand though :0
This stand seems better than Ymir's because it can actually hold her weight and she can be in jumping poses such as this -
She is really cute and i am glad i bought her (she was worth the extra price)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Dead Master and Black Rock Shooter figmas :D

Hello, had some fun with my figmas and decided to take pictures :)
First up Dead Master

next with better lighting but a tad blurry ^///^ (dodgy old camera)

Next BRS!!! (Her name is too long ^^')
or pic 2 (which is better?)

DM again!

Close up of her hands and chain

and to end it another with DM and chains :D

I will add the other pictures when my laptop is working better. I am always trying to improve my photography skills so i am willing to hear some tips and advice.

Thanks for reading/viewing :)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

My collection

Hello again, i decided to upload some pictures of my collection, these pictures are quite old some new figures aren't in it because i didn't have them at the time. First up my manga!!

Manga is very hard to find in my country for a decent price and few book shops sell them. They are really expensive like £6.99 per book. And shops only sell the really popular manga like Naruto and bleach and only one shop i know sells a variety of manga like black butler, fruits basket and weird yaoi or ecchi stuff.

Next my figures!!

My nendoroids are currently in their boxes because i don't know where to put them right now and i prefer playing with my figmas : D

Random art wall picture-

I am trying to write/draw my own manga right now so i am practising different styles. I still need to try to find my own style that can still be related to my characters and theme of my manga.

Hope you enjoyed this short intro to my collection!!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hello thar

I call my self the closet otaku because, well it sums me up i guess. I am a 15 year old girl attending a somewhat strict Christian school and i love anything to do with anime, manga and anything cute!!

Like most people with this kind of hobby i collect figures of my favourite anime and manga characters. Some people try to keep this hobby secret (especially as a girl) from their parents and friends, thus the name closet otaku!

My parents know about this hobby of mine but i get the feeling they don't understand it. For example if i recieve things in the post my mum (mostly my mum) just sighs. They say figures are a waste of my money and i should be spending it on other things. I am finding it difficult to fund this hobby because i am currently jobless and having important exams coming up. So i save up my £5 a week pocket money and do extra work around the house and look after my arse of a little brother.

You may be thinking why call yourself the closet otaku if your parents know about your hobby? Well i hide it from my friends. All my friends at school and outside of school are uninterested in anime, manga etc and they have no idea of this hobby of mine. Like if i have a friend round i always hide my figures under my bed or in my wardrobe. My friends do realise i like manga and anime so i always leave my manga on display, my friends at school think i am obsessed with Japan just because i have a K-ON! sticker on my phone or a keyring of a anime character (Haruhi to be exact) and they do think i am strange but they thought that even before i told them about it. I was always one of the 'different' kids at school.

When one of my friends came over i decided to show her my figure collection but i was nervous of what she would think so i only took one out and left it one my desk. This friend was interested in anime but not as much as me. When i shown her my Miku nendoroid she just said 'Your even more sad than me!' and ever since i have continued to hide my hobby.

In the UK people can be well....arrogant, for example my 12 year old brother who says things like 'Get friends' , 'Go play with your Jap shit' and 'Go masturbate to Hatsune miku' which would upset anybody but i just ignore him and his somewhat racist remarks.

I think my dad has accepted my hobby the most but he laughes at the fact that i cosplay and listen to Japanese  music. My mum wouldn't go outside with me while i had my costume on and i don't want my friends to know so i am yet to wear my costume outside. Another thing stopping me is the people in the estate where i live, they are basically 'Neds' or 'Chavs' if you are English and would most likely laugh at my costume because they already call me goth or emo depending on what drugs they have been taking.

I hope someone out there understands what i am feeling and took the patience to read this loooong entry of what i like and what i am.

Thank you for reading ^0^